Automate Teamwork with Familiar, Built-in Apps and Get More Done in Less Time

One platform, multiple uses. Powered by AI to automate team communication and work.


Zillable’s flexible platform gives your teams freedom to automate collaboration and work faster, together. Empower your teams to extend their reach and potential with our Three Pillars of Teamwork – Smart Spaces, Flexible Boards, and Collaborative Docs.

This powerful trifecta enables teams to deploy no-code workflows and processes to boost productivity and efficiency across the organization.

"I can't believe no one has ever thought of combining chat, boards, and online documents together into a suite. It just makes sense to do everything in one place."

Eva Jeanneret

Senior Engineer

Communication is the Foundation for Teamwork

Agile workspaces designed for your teams to connect, share, and get your best work done.


Rally key players in secure workspaces

Create dedicated private or public workspaces for a project or team.

Drop out of email and into workspaces

Workspaces deliver freedom from lost email, miscommunications, and forgotten strings.

Reduce distractions with keyboard shortcuts

Grab attention with @mentions and share work with a clickable link to align teams.


Launchpad for action

Convert posts and comments into action items and tasks. Bookmark, pin, and share anything.


Chat, video, screensharing

Unify fragmented dialogue, bring all convos where you work.


Open workspaces for external partners

Automate how your teams respond, track, and resolve customer and client requests.

Smart Spaces to Organize Team Communication and Work

Rally your colleagues, customers, and clients in dedicated workspaces, decked-out with intuitive automation tools to connect and work faster.

Collaboration sandbox
Upload, share, and explore content across your network.
Easily searchable
All synced, uploaded, or originally created content can be searched and organized in no time.
Store files, easy cloud storage
Files, images, PDFs, and more can all be dropped into channel chat.
Transparent layout
Follow the natural flow of convos in-sequence without chasing email threads.
Sync with services you already use
Sync Google Drive or Dropbox files into your workspace channel.
Identify meaningful content
Data-driven algorithms pinpoint the most influential PDFs, Docs, and articles.

Bring your Team - and Bots - into Workplace Conversations

Productivity bots work behind-the-scenes, creating invisible efficiencies for your teams so they can focus on higher-value work.

Automate drudge-work
Enlist bots to fetch content and tasks, you have better things to do!
Deploy and relax
Our bots require no coding and are app resilient. Always 100% accurate and consistent.
Instantly scalable
Scale bots to any workflow or process and supercharge productivity.
Bridge the gap between people and tools
Enable teams to communicate faster and work from chat to task to completion.
Remove barriers to automation
Give your team hours back to channel efforts into more meaningful work.
Business-led solution
Deliver accelerated cycle times for tasks, key processes, and workflows.

Begin with a Team, it's Free

Coordinate and Clarify Goals to Motivate and Align

Boards function in concert with workspaces, automating how posts, tasks, and content are shared and worked on across and between teams, creating simple-to-complex workflows.


Build visual process models

Create lists to represent workflow stages. Add cards to represent work or content.

Easy, drag-and-drop cards

Update the Board easily as work moves from one stage to another.

Projects stay on-target

Instantly see the status of everyone's work, eliminate surprises.


Dive into details

Add comments, attachments, checklists, and more to cards, saving time.

Identify and reduce bottlenecks

Visualize cues like blocked items and long queues.

Improve quality, consistency, and transparency

Preserve a chain of accountability - and tout accolades - as tasks move from "to-do" to "done."


Adaptable and responsive

Kanban, Scrum, and beyond – Boards accommodate any workflow.


Solve problems, faster

Ensure that the projects your teams work on are as valuable as possible.

Welcome to your Point of Entry into the Future of Work

You’ve heard the news - AI and software robots are the future of work. It's time to democratize robotics and AI so teams - no matter their size, budget, or technical know-how - can get more work done faster, focusing on the thinking part of work.

Process automation engines
Board bots to help your teams accomplish more in less time.
Manage and lead teams better
Bring the right team together with a powerful, cumulative skillset for unimaginable results.
Automatically fetch content
Add Docs, Ideas, Solutions, and more as Board cards and select frequency.
Big picture view with Board Analytics
Grasp what your teams accomplished last week, month, and even year.
Copy and move cards to lists
Connect Lists within and between Boards, and filter cards.
View connected workflows with Board Map
Coordinate people, consolidate tasks, and draw conclusions to complete projects faster.
Board dashboard
Create a window into any Board, enabling a real-time dashboard for any workflow.
Work more efficiently with established workflows
Implement Readymade or customized workflows to scale progress.

Easily create or use a Readymade workflow to streamline and automate your projects and teamwork. Deploy bots directly from your Boards or create simple to complex automated workflows with easy drag-and-drop functionality. Learn more about how Workflow Studio can streamline and automate projects and teamwork.

And Finally, Unite Work and Communication with Collaborative Docs

Co-Author a Doc Dynamically, in Real-Time

Upgrade word processing with Docs and assist teams, even those working remotely, in simultaneous, online document collaboration. Docs can be shared within a Space or added to a Board as a card, bringing about full-circle automation.


Work together in real-time

Get instant feedback with comments and annotations.

Work dynamically

Add tables, tasks, polls, checklists, images, and more.

Keyboard shortcuts, tell the entire story

Reference content, Boards, and Spaces for context and @mention teammates in the Doc.


Simplify work-based collaboration

Eliminate the lag time that exists with emailing documents back and forth.

Go back in time

Review a revision history to trace back earlier versions.

Show contributions

See how others contribute to work through intuitive, visual representations of additions.



Highlight important content and add notes and comments to further the discussion.


View-only mode

Observe without accidentally making a change to the Doc.

Word Processing for Modern Teams

Docs are integrated with Spaces and Boards; share Docs to workspaces or upload as a content card to Boards and assign team members to push the needle on the Doc further towards completion - all seamlessly, without extraneous apps or email.

Discuss data in real-time
Review data from Google Spreadsheets, drawings, or presentations.
Rebranded templates
Modify and customize templates; save for others team members to easily access.
Save time with premade templates
Boost consistency and define objectives in all your work with templates.

Realize your Vision with Powerful Features

Empower your teams to express their vision - even if they don't have the words...

Draw to translate your ideas, visually
Draw diagrams, scribbles, and insert shapes; resize, rotate, and adjust on a whim.
Reduce distractions - bring data to your teams
Keep your teams updated without asking them to log into third-party sites.
Embed third-party content to connect everything
Embed Google docs, sheets; copy and paste Youtube and Vimeo videos in Doc.
"Our company uses 6 different collaboration apps. With Zillable, we don't have to force our teams to switch, making everyone happy."

Jermey D. Bracken


Begin with a Team, it's Free

Smart Spaces, Flexible Boards, and Collaborative Docs allow teamwork automation to flourish from the foundation up. Bring every project within the organization closer to the finish line so you can accelerate process automation for your teams.

We didn't just stop at Spaces, Boards, and Docs. Take a tour to learn more about productivity tools. See the other powerful, under-the-hood features that enable teams to work better, together.