Why Zillable Boards?

Since every team has requirements unique to how they work, it's crucial to only implement tools adaptable to your team’s workflow. Zillable’s Kanban-style boards give your teams the freedom to map out workflows, no matter how they work. Only Zillable allows you to link your boards, creating simple to complex workflows and business processes.

Build Visual Process Models
Create lists to represent workflow stages. Add cards to represent work or content. Drag-and-drop the cards through the list as work moves from one stage to another. Instantly see the status of everyone's work.
Information at a Glance
Dive into the details by adding comments, attachments, and more, directly to Zillable cards. Collaborate on projects from beginning to end. Save time and use less effort to manage.
Identify and Reduce Bottlenecks
Visualize cues like blocked items, long queues, and lost time. Catch indicators of problems before they manifest. Act fast and prevent delays.
Rescue Bots

Work more efficient hours by using smart bots to automatically list cards and link boards to create workflow for any sized process. Build bots to crawl and fetch content or move cards so you can focus on creating real value for your team. Our bots can rescue you from drowning in your processes.

Work more collaboratively and get more done
Zillable's boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way. Our future bots allow you to customize and automate any process with ease. Learn more about our Plus Plan.
Succeed at Zillion Speed

Robust project management features combined with practical collaboration and workflows your teams will love.

Scale and Drive Results

Whether you have one project or a thousand, Zillable functions the same! Enjoy the flexibility of managing multiple projects and teams with one tool. Zoom out to see the big picture or drill down for details, all at lightning speed.

Organize, Prioritize Thoughts

Notes stick with you. Information converted into notes are less likely to be forgotten. Convert notes into cards that are prioritized and organized.


Never miss a deadline again. With checklists and due dates, you won’t miss important tasks, upcoming dates, or action items.

Drag and Move

Drag-and-Drop cards through your lists as work moves from one stage to another.

Project Templates Galore

Save the headache of figuring out how to organize workflows with automated templates. From agile to release bugs, there’s a template to suit your needs.

Unify and Execute

Get the accurate, up-to-date info you need to meet deadlines. You can also give your team their time back wasted on unproductive standup meetings. Use our real-time analytics to guide your team and adjust on the fly.

Teamwork that Delivers

Visual task boards bring clarity to teams, aligning everyone towards a common goal. Finally achieve your vision of a happy, results-driven team.

Collaborate in Real-time

Zillable works in real-time. When somebody moves a card, it moves on your board instantly, regardless of your device. You can keep your tab open all day and never have to refresh.

Bots to Serve

The future is now. Create bots to work for you - our card-creating bots are ready to join and work with your teams.

Map Boards

Graphically see the connections of the cards on your board. Coordinate people, consolidate tasks, and draw conclusions to complete projects faster.

Kanban Workflows

Using Kanban to plan your project is the best way to piece together the various tasks that make up a large project. Whether you use the agile or waterfall workflow, a Kanban view is the perfect base for planning a successful project.

Systematic Evaluation

Aggregate content, such as ideas and documents, into cards and see how a burst of information can help drive system evaluation of your content.

Powerful Filters

You’ll find everything with search, filtering, and labels. Refine is incredibly fast and powerful, with sophisticated operators that help you narrow your search. Labels help you categorize your cards so you can find and filter them later.

Connected Processes

Only Zillable has bots to help coordinate activities across multiple, inter-connected boards to ensure that the right people get the right information, at the right time.

Interactive Analytics

Get an interactive dashboard with a real-time snapshot of board activity. Visualize how much work is assigned to teammates and allocate work more effectively.

Workflow Automation with Zillabots

Bots make you less busy, more productive. Workflow automation with Listbots and Linkbots empowers teams and makes them feel connected with a community. Saving you time and money. Board bots increase productivity and raise the bar on what your teams can accomplish.

Interactive dashboard gives insights

Do you know what your team accomplished in the past week, month, or even year? Instantly see the numbers behind the cards with board analytics. Interact with the data to see individual or overall performance. For agile teams, you can utilize cumulative flow and Kanban metrics.

Zillable is free, now and forever.

You can create as many boards, cards, and teams as you like and add as many people as you want. You can choose to make any number of boards or teams private or public. By free, we really mean free.

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