One place for all communications, all teams

When teams rely on email, text, and other channels to exchange information - work and innovation are compromised. When teams from different departments can’t communicate effectively, it limits an organization’s ability to grow revenue, collaborate, and identify go-getters. Bring all forms of communications together in one place, with real-time messaging, conversation search, and archiving for teams of all sizes.

Work Faster with Team Chat

Organize your teams’ conversations in Space channels. Create a dedicated Space channel for a project, topic, or team — all channel members have a transparent view of team interactions. Use secure and private Space channels to maintain confidentiality and secure sensitive information.

Grab Attention and FYI

Send messages directly to another person or to a defined group for more focused conversations. Stop reply-to-all wars and buried email threads. Grab attention with @mentions and get the answers you need to stay productive.

Share Work and Ideas

Sharing with your teammates is easy, no matter where you are. Whether you’re sending files, images or links—Zillable’s team chat gives your team a home base. Share work and contribute to the discussion with ease - as if your entire organization were meeting at one single location.

Drag, Drop, and Share Files

Messages, files, images, PDFs, documents, and spreadsheets can all be dropped into Zillable and shared with anyone you choose. Sync your Google drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box files into Zillable. All synced, uploaded, or originally created content can be searched, organized, and shared.

Everything Stays Secure

Zillable stores all your team chat history and shared files securely for you to access at any time. Once shared, search and preview files without downloading a thing.

Get more done

Less email. More productivity. Enjoy a simpler and more engaging work life.

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All the right features

Every must-have feature for team messaging is right here.

Security and Privacy

Security is #1. Zillable's secure conversations are transferred in 256-bit SSL encryption – the same security protocol used by online banks.

Team Chat Spaces

Create team chat Spaces for projects, teams, clients, and important discussions - like the best foodie reccos for lunch! When you're finished with a team chat Space, just archive it.

Drag and Drop File Sharing

Grab and share files from your desktop, cloud storage, email, or anywhere. You can even email a file into chat.

Searchable Chat

Every chat is searchable by keyword, including: text, links, files, and more. If it's discussed in Zillable, it's saved and searchable.

Secure Guest Access

Bring clients, vendors, and other collaborators into a Space channel chat. They'll only see what you want them to see. You have complete control.

Tied to Emails

Chances are you still need email. Zillable enables emails to be sent to Space channels for posting. For example, forward a blog or other feeds that you subscribe to and start a conversation - all under one roof.

Fully Customizable

Personalize the look and feel of your team network. Set notification preferences, change your theme, and modify how chats look. Branding is key.

Persistent Messaging

Zillable synchronizes across desktop, mobile, and web apps. That means conversations are never lost when you switch devices.

Time Traveling

(Not really, but just about). With a fully searchable history, you can take a blast to the past. Don’t forget the activities log.

Remind Me

Don’t have time or not ready to respond to a posting yet? Add a reminder and Zillable will send you a notification to remind you to address the posting.

Stick a Pin

Important messages and files can be pinned to the details pane, making it easily accessible to everyone even if it was shared a ways back.

Collect Messages

Gather conversations with bookmarks. Get quick access to your favorite conversations or content and share your collection with your teammates.

Get Stuff Done

Close the loop on important project conversations and complete projects quickly and effortlessly with task postings.

Threaded Conversations

Keep responses connected to the original conversation or file. Reduce the number of new posts and keep your chat organized with replies, comments, and threads.

On-the-spot Feedback

On-the-spot Feedback

Grouping Chat

Got hundreds of chat channels? No worries, only Zillable has Categories to group Space channels so you can group them however you like, by topic or by department.

Always Available

Link to ideas, content, polls, and content from other spaces without having to reshare, integrate or switch apps. Simply reference them and eliminate the silos of information.

Actionable Insights

Identify trends, reach top people, and influence to improve your teams. Get insights into how your teams are collaborating.

Engage and motivate your teams

Giving your team the opportunity to have casual yet powerful interactions increases collaboration and employee satisfaction. Transparent communication improves engagement among team members, improving perceptions of the workplace as a whole. Learn more about the Plus Plan.

Zillable is free to use

For teams of all sizes. Not just for teams of 20-50, but the entire enterprise - from 100 to 100,000 people. Scale your collaboration and innovation network with categories, groups, security, and compliance. Learn more about our Premium Plan.

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You can easily upgrade to our paid plans , which offers more features and controls.

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