Why Doc?
Zillable brings new life to the word processing sphere with real-time, simultaneous document collaboration: that's Doc. Doc unites your team’s work and communication.

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Zillable is leading the Worker Experience Revolution to help teams increase collaboration, efficiency and productivity.
More than just word processing, with Doc you can:
Work Together

Zillable offers real-time online document collaboration and co-authoring so your team can contribute to and edit documents simultaneously.

Work Dynamically

Add tables, tasks, polls, checklists, images and more to documents, telling the whole story in one place. Zillable also allows you to easily reference other network content for context or mention teammates within the document.

Work Conversationally

Every document has chat and annotation built in, so conversations, decisions, and feedback stay where they belong instead of getting lost in emails.

Zillable's Doc completes the productivity trinity of the ideal collaboration platform:

Build Spaces to come together to chat and organize content.
Discover Team Communication

Create Boards to manage efficiently and simply.
Discover Project Management

Start a Doc to dynamically work together.

Zillable's Doc document collaboration makes creating, maintaining, and sharing all kinds of documents easier.

Plus, Zillable is yours for free – today, tomorrow, forever.

Zillable is free so you can be free, too! Free to collaborate, innovate, and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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Still not convinced? Let's take a look at the nitty gritty of Doc.

zDoc Templates

With Doc templates, you'll never again need to go searching for an old document – whether it’s an invoice, presentation, press release, contract, anything – to model a new one after. No more clumsy copying of word documents or accidentally saving over the “template” version. Doc templates, pre-loaded or user created, featuring removable instructions, can be easily made available to everyone on any team big or small – or only to the people who need it.

Real-time Collaboration

Start drafting and sharing work ideas, tasks, checklists, and files immediately. Collaborate and build on your work with the teammates you invite in the same window, at the same time.


Highlight important content and add notes and comments to further the discussion or hash out problem areas.


Insert polls to make decisions and get the temperature of the room for what you're working on. Polls within a Doc are only open to those working on the Doc.

Content Management

Add tasks and checklists to track work assignments and to-dos right where the work is done. Grab focus and track deadlines without leaving the page.

Show Contributions

Clearly see how other collaborators are contributing to the work through intuitive visual representations of each member's work.

Access Control

Docs start as a private document. You control who has access by inviting collaborators. When you're ready, share your Doc to a private or network-wide Space to show your team's hard work to everyone.

Change Log

The built-in change log records all edits to your Doc from contributing members. You can review and restore any previous version of your Doc with just a click.

Download and Distribute

Share your Doc to members outside your private network by downloading it as an Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word document, easy as pie.

File Sharing

Important files can be uploaded directly into your Doc to be collected and shared. This means all important files are always accessible directly from the document.

Multiple team members can be in a document simultaneously, working at the same time.
Each person is represented by a cursor, and their avatar is placed next to everything they create.
Version history is available, no need to save multiple copies.
Doc integrates seamlessly with Zillable's other collaboration tools.