Process Automation

Get more done, faster. Automate with smart bots to accelerate digital transformation and increase efficiency.

Amplify operational efficiency and lower human capital costs with Zillable's process automation capabilities. No coding or programming skills are needed. Use our smart bots to create simple to complex workflows using our Board capabilities.
The advantages of process automation include:
  • Quality & Consistency
  • Time Savings
  • Metric Visibility
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Governance & Compliance
  • Reduced Costs
Smart Bots to Streamline and Simplify

With smart bots, the Boards tool expands beyond your run-of-the-mill project management tools. Zillable's configurable bots crawl for content, automatically list cards, and link boards to create complete workflows, freeing time and resources so teams can focus on what matters most.

Zillable offers three smart bots that can be configured to create simple to complex workflows:


Automatically fetches documents and other contents, converts them into cards, and puts them into a list, based on the set rules. This can include Docs, Ideas, Publications, Inventions, Challenges, and Solutions. Users make use of Content Categories and Spaces to set the rules, as well as control the frequency of updating the list.


Connects lists within and between boards. With Linkbots, users can set up automated workflows, where cards from a certain list are automatically copied or moved to another list, either in the same board or a different one. Users can filter the cards further by selecting the Content Type and/or the person or groups who posted it.


Creates a window into any board, enabling a real-time dashboard for any workflow. This allows managers to monitor their teams' progress on a single dashboard, without having to visit the original boards, one by one, which again saves a lot of time.

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Visually Map Your Process

Boardmap allows users to see how all the content in a single board are interconnected, like a workflow diagram. This feature is automatic and users don't need to connect the cards and/or contents manually as Zillable takes care of this for you.

Cut Costs and Save Time with These Additional Automation Capabilities
A handful of pre-built templates are now available to demonstrate the feature, but users can also create personal or team templates. Doc templates, pre-loaded or user created, featuring removable instructions, can be easily made available to everyone on any team big or small - or only to the people who need them.
Zillable sends automated reminders when a task is nearing its due date and when it is due to be completed.
Short on time but want to follow up on a posting, comment, or update made in a Space's Channel? We've got your back. You can now set reminders on content posted to a Space's Channel. Choosing "Remind Me" will allow you to set an email reminder for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, tomorrow, or next week.
Alert Bot is a newly redesigned feature that allows you to set alerts for keywords or phrases on your private network. You can set as many keywords as you'd like and, when that word is used within your private network, Zillable will send you a real-time, in-app notification.

Where can you use process automation?

Anywhere you normally have a person moving data.
Here are some examples of places where you can use Zillable's bots for process automation:

Research & Development

  • Innovation and ideation programs
  • Patent portfolio management
  • Product development
  • Release management

IT Department

  • Support & ticket processing
  • Integration planning and management

Human Resources

  • Benefits administration
  • Onboarding
  • System access and setup

Insurance & Financial

  • Claims processing
  • Application and underwriting processes
  • Policy administration and servicing


  • Provider credential verification
  • Member eligibility and billing