What Distinguishes Us

Native tools, powered by AI, to enable your teams to exercise what distinguishes them, driving collaboration and innovation.

Draw from people, their knowledge, and your processes.


This is Jack Bacon.

He is an AI influencer.

His influence score is 90.

How do we know? Scroll to find out.


What Is Influence?

Influence is the ability to drive action. It's not just about social interactions; it's about an individual's skillset, level of engagement, and how everything - people and content - are connected. We use data analytics to analyze your work and interactions to calculate influence across your team network.

Experts In Their Field

Enter skills or accept recommendations of your skills based on your work and interactions. Using our proprietary technology, we spot skills and measure your ability to influence others, including work and innovation.


The Network Effect

The people who follow and interact with you and your work significantly affect your influence. But it’s not just about people, we analyze how work is interconnected and feed this data into our influence scoring engine.

How Is The Score Calculated?


There is no prediction. We use real and actual data of interactions and connections within your network to provide influence scores for your teams and content, from documents to ideas to a person.

*Answer: We use real data.

Start Influencing

Sign up, collaborate and see how you stack up against your peers in your private collaboration network.

This is a bike.

It can be a car.

It looks like a windmill.

What is it? Scroll to find out.


What is Knowledge Graph?

The Knowledge Graph contains a wealth of information and data that Zillable uses to show your teams how ideas, people and skills are connected to each other and to deliver more focused and relevant collaboration.

Who Uses Knowledge Graph

Google uses Knowledge Graph behind-the-scenes to help Google improve its search relevancy. Now, that same power is delivered to teams through our Map feature.


Unconnected Data is a Barrier to Innovation

Real silos have utility in farming but in the enterprise, silo is a disconnected thing that impedes everything: collaboration, productivity, efficiency, and innovation. A Knowledge Graph is the best way to manage enterprise data at scale, where linkages and connections define everything. Learn more.

How is Knowledge Graph Generated?

Building on the same technologies that drive influence scoring, Zillable Map creates an interactive graphic canvas that draws connections between work, people, skills, and workflows. The possibilities are endless with Map.

*Answer: All of the Above.

Innovation Accelerates on Zillable

Bring the power of collective intelligence to solve business challenges.

This is Pat.

He controls an army of bots.

Bots automate processes.

How does he do it? Scroll to learn.


What is a bot?

In the year 2050, humanoid robots, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), will be a part of everyday life. Today, Zillable virtual bots are a part of everyday work, helping teams automate process, remember and track tasks, and perform mundane actions so your teams can save time for family or higher value work.

Where can you use process automation?

Anywhere you normally have a person moving data, you can use Zillable bots. Our powerful AI is more capable than humans at listing, moving or copying data to create workflows in development houses, marketing camps, and even legal citadels. You just need to tell it what to do once.


A Better Worker Experience

Bots and AI are already creating better customer experiences. At Zillable, we're using bots to create a better worker experience. No coding or programming skills are needed. Zillable bots ensure that your teams spend more time doing the things they do best, and the work they are paid to excel at.

How are bots created?

Bots are created when there is a need for process automation. Create bots to notify you when your teams are working on something that interests you. Create bots for boards and lists to connect workflows and give it commands to execute. Learn more

*Answer: He's an AI.

These features are supported by the Three Pillars of Teamwork.