Zillable Workflow Studio for Easy, Flexible and Powerful Team Automation

Create, test, and deploy Readymade and customizable workflows using Zillable's built-in team apps to increase efficiency and drive process automation.

Easy-to-deploy Workflows to Automate even the most Complex Processes

Workflow Studio supports agile teams who often need to adjust workflows on a dime. Save time and introduce more flexibility to your IT and Dev teams, allowing your organization to shift gears quickly and effortlessly when the demand for change arises.


Easy drag-and-drop workflows

Create robust and powerful, multi-stepped sequences with a visual drag-and-drop user interface.

Design actionable, custom processes

Shave weeks or months off project ETAs; automate teamwork so you can do higher value work.

Ready-to-go Readymades

Readymade workflows are designed to meet the demands of any business automation process.

Fully-functional workflows on-demand

Readymade workflows for dozens of purposes; tested and approved for immediate use or customization.


Quick start with 3 robust team apps and bots

Native team apps and bots are all built-in; implement a detailed business automation process in a single keystroke.

"Using a readymade innovation workflow, we created an innovation program in 30 seconds. Amazing!"

Tom M. Greene

Corporate Development

Make your Day Run Smoother in Three Easy Steps

Launch a Workflow Process Across your Teams in 1, 2, 3...

Readymades include built-in, free team chat, boards for project management, and bots to connect and automate tasks, creating a ready-to-use workflow you can implement across your network right away.

Step 1: Create
Start with Readymade, customize a Readymade, or create your own workflow from scratch with an intuitive flow design studio and drag-and-drop your way towards process automation.

Step 2: Test
Before applying the new workflow to your network, you can have a practice-run and view the automated processes in real-time. It's a bird's-eye view of your workflow in action.

Step 3: Deploy
Apply the workflow to your network. All Spaces, Boards, Content, and bots to move or copy data will be activated and deployed instantly on your network.

Improve how processes are designed, carried out, and governed from one easy-to-use dashboard - Workflow Studio!

"We used Zillable's boards to connect multiple departments together in a single workflow, enabling cross-department collaboration and tearing down silos."

Stanislava Budkov√°

IT Manager

Get Teams in Sync with Native Apps and Flexible Bots

Zillable's Workflow Studio extends automation across the entire organization.

Synchronize how your teams share content, collaborate on tasks, manage projects, schedule reminders and due-dates, fetch and track data, and sign-off on projects, giving your organization unparalleled autonomy to automate every facet of team collaboration and work so you can do more in less time.

Three native team apps your teams already use
Zillable's flexible apps conform to any workflow or process.

Team App #1: Smart Spaces for chat
Smart Spaces for team chat, video, and collaborative workspaces.

Team App #2: Flexible Boards for project management
Boards to manage projects more effectively in a fun, visual way.

Team App #3: Collaborative Docs for work
Docs for simultaneous document collaboration - get on the same page, literally.

Virtual workforce with Bots
Delegate thankless, mundane tasks to no-code bots.

"I can't believe no one has ever thought of combining chat, boards, and online documents together into a suite. It just makes sense to do everything in one place."

Eva Jeanneret

Senior Engineer

No-code Bots Combined with Native Apps are Powerful Extenders to Save you Time and Effort, While Reducing Costs


Bots to move data

Move Ideas, Tasks, Polls, Docs, and more - from any Space or Board to another Space or Board to organize content.


Bots to assist

Create bots to notify team members when a task is completed, reducing bottlenecks.


Bots to take action

Use simple conditional rules or insert your own custom codes to take actions you desire.

"We automated our onboarding process.
New hires are now better prepared."

Emile K. Culpepper

HR Manager

Winning Solution to App Fatigue

The typical Enterprise company uses on average 928 disparate apps across their organization. This puts teams at a tremendous disadvantage. Ubiquitous apps breaks down team efficiency. Integrate your favorite apps into Workflow Studio, simplifying everyday tasks through the use of workflow automation.

Keep the apps you love
We understand your teams may not be ready to part with a beloved app, that's why we integrate almost anything.

Keep what works, trade up what doesn't
Use the app your teams are used to and incorporate Zillable's built-in productivity tools that your app may not offer.

Already on Slack?
No problem, integrate Slack and take advantage of Zillable's Boards and Docs.

Already on Trello?
Keep your Trello boards and take advantage of Zillable's chat, workspaces, and Docs.

Already using Google?
We love Google, too. Embed your Google apps directly into Zillable Docs.


B-Y-O-A (Bring Your Own App)

If you have project management and productivity tools that work for your teams, that's great - we welcome it. Integrate the tool you're already using into Zillable and leverage our extensible automation toolkit to further automate processes and workflows.

Workflows to Help Teams be more Powerful

Let's take a look at an example with an IT Readymade workflow. This workflow automates communication between the IT team and other members across the organization, processing and resolving each issue seamlessly.

Communication: Space Channel for Support
An IT Support Space will be created for you. In this Support Space, support can field comments, questions, and concerns from other departments in your organization. The Support liaison of your IT department can use this Space to interact and provide meaningful support by converting IT concerns into Tasks.

Manage: Board for IT Tasks

Your IT Readymade will also include a Board with Lists and Cards. Each List represents a stage in the workflow. As you convert channel postings that need attention from an IT support professional to a Task, you can add them to your Readymade Board under the "Incoming" List. From there, the IT Board manager can delegate the Task to the appropriate IT employee.

When the Task is completed, the employee marks the Task Card "Complete" and moves it to the "Done" List. If directives are in order, the IT employee can include them directly to the Card so Support can relay the message to the originator of the request.

Automate: Bots to Notify

Once a Task Card is moved to the "Done" List, a Bot will automatically copy the Card and send it to the Support Board. From there, the Support liaison will reach out to the originator of the concern or request and let them know their issue has been resolved.

IT Managers can view the Board analytics via the interactive dashboard, getting a clear scope on task metrics to further streamline how tasks are delegated to ensure they are evenly distributed across the IT team.

Automation and Beyond


Organizations amass an exhaustive amount of data, often at great expense. Good data brings little business value, unless your teams can act on that data to make strategic decisions. Unfortunately, reigning in all this data - which often appears to be unrelated and disconnected - is out of the scope for most organizations.

Zillable has engineered a diverse toolkit that finds and interprets the data across your network so you can dive deep into your people, skills, content, and interactions without losing your head. Discover how Zillable can help you uncover insights and access relevant data - when you need it most - to guide strategic decision-making.

Professional and Concierge Services to Improve Enterprise Flows

The Enterprise needs full-circle automation, incorporating smart bots with intelligent solutions. Zillable helps the Enterprise develop highly-personalized flows, based on specific requirements. This includes creating one-of-a-kind bots!

Front-end automation for knowledge workers
Accelerate digital transformation and complete your automation need with a front-end automation platform for your knowledge workers.

Enable automation in every corner of your organization

Give non-technical teams an intuitive and familiar UI to help simplify and automate teamwork.

White glove services and tailored-to-you bots

Incorporate hand-made bots into your workflows to serve your unique business strategy. We can help you build your workflows or create custom bots based on your specific requirements.